Inspired 1.9

My inspirations come to me late in the midnight hour sometimes.  Here is another inspired thought that I had to get down on electronic paper.

“Sometimes the richest experiences come from having an intimate dialogue with the unfamiliar.  There are unforgettable moments in life that can never be replaced.  Capture them! Cherish them! Be inspired by them!” – Aurie

Sometimes doing the same things day in and day out can be draining. After a while, I need a jolt of inspiration to replenish my well. Having opportunities to gain new dynamic experiences are responsible for some of the most transcendent moments of my life. What brought me to this crystalized moment of inspiration was a blog post by my blogging sistren, TravelingMad.  You can read her post about her trip to India here.

Tell me of a time where you had an experience that put you in unchartered territory?  How did that experience inspire you? Please share in the comment section.