Gospel Centered Convictions

Gospel Centered Convictions
Pastor Jeff Williams

Think about this. The Devil requests to sift us like wheat, but Prayer is more powerful than one can imagine. All Powerful/Jesus prays for us….that our faith will not fail us; so that we have the power to strengthen each other and ourselves. Stay on mission for The Lord. It’s not about you or me. It’s about God.

Instead of asking why? Ask how can this bring glory to God?

My Convictions

  • God is in Complete Control
  • God has Complete Authority over my Life
  • The Gospel will Advance
  • I Can Trust Him
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    EAT Three: 10 Laws of Attraction According to The Bible

    You should now be getting used to my EAT series.  This is the third installment.  Remember that EAT stands for: Experience Aurie’s Take and you can follow the series in my tag cloud.  I always try to blog about topics that promote positive influences in your life.  This spoke to me and I anticipate that it can do the same for you.

    I’ve been pregnant with this blog post for a couple of weeks now and I had to get it down on digital paper.  My inspiration and talking points come from my pastor’s sermons/teachings. Warning: I’m getting into your faith life and your love life.  Even if you don’t agree, I still want to plant this seed lovingly into your heart and share these Biblical Principles that have helped me more than you’ll ever know.

    My Digital Bible

    Many people believe that God’s abilities to communicate through the Bible & The Church are: obsolete, outdated, and/or irrelevant (bluntly speaking).  I submit that making this kind of blanket statement is erroneous at best. The motivations for thinking this way can come from many places.  Most of the objections stem from hurt feelings in the Church-going experience and for this reason many have turned away from living a truly Christian life.  I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion, but I’m so glad that God didn’t turn his back on me like I did to Him.  I don’t like this excuse especially since I’ve used it in the past.

    “The true measure of someone’s spiritual & emotional maturity is the ability to do what is right and to heed sound advice in spite of your own charged feelings and wrong convictions.” – Aurie

    I bring up the 10 Laws of Attraction as reference in the Old Testament book, Songs of Solomon, because it is one that does not get much attention.  When you hear Laws of Attraction, many look to movies and society for answers not realizing that the Bible addresses this very issue w/ explicit detail and clarity.

    Whenever it comes to sex in the Bible, many tend to shy away from speaking on this topic.  When you become a Christian, people think that everything that is “fun” stops.  Don’t be paralyzed by those preconceived notions.  God always provides a way for us to experience the fullness of life’s thrills because He is the Master of All Creation.   The difference is that we should enjoy these pleasures according to His Will so that His Glory can always shine in all aspects of our lives, EVEN WHEN IT COMES TO SEX!  Yes I said it.  Making Love sexually is a divine gift and a privilege which should not be taken lightly.  If we started paying closer attention to what God has to say on matters of the heart, maybe the divorce rate wouldn’t be about 50% and climbing…maybe there would be less sexually transmitted diseases…maybe our most intimate human relationships would be more fulfilling…maybe there would be less brokenness.  I’m just saying, have you given God’s way an honest attempt?  Chew on these for a moment and remember that Love is not just a feeling, it’s work.  It’s not what you see on TV.  How strong is your love?

    The Laws of Attraction

    10 Laws of Attraction

    1. Your significant other will be attracted to something that you are unable to identify.  The person must see past your physical appearance and get to your uniqueness.  You are more than a booty call.
    2. You look distinct in a crowd when God chooses your mate.  However, this is not an excuse to look all haggard and a “hot mess” like some of my friends say.
    3. Know within yourself that only their love will satisfy you…this must be the case, even against your own will and even to the point of weakness.
    4. You must intentionally manage your feelings.  Do not force it and risk emptiness after a while.
    5. Intentional Patience brings balance.  If your feelings are out of control, it can look like commitment, but disappointment will loom large once those feelings peaks and valleys.
    6. The initial feelings you get when you first get to know someone will not carry the relationship.  That’s not the whole relationship, but just a part.
    7. Can you deal with correction in a balanced way? Constructive criticism from a loved one is one of the most difficult things to accept.  Don’t be so prideful that you cannot accept wisdom.  (I struggle with this)
    8. Don’t ignore the little aggravations.  They will grow and fester into something very ugly and unmanageable later on.
    9. You and your mate must have your own sense of discipline.  If not, you don’t have Christian Liberty.  What this means is that the unconditional love that you receive and vice versa is not unlimited and not without responsibility.  Don’t be reckless and expect that the well of love inside someone does not eventually run dry after you continually try them.  Only God can love the longest.
    10. The person fits your dream (which should be God’s Dream for you).  They are not perfect, but they are the perfect fit for you.

    These building blocks can make your relationships into God’s Masterpieces and examples for all to see.  With that said, the expression of ultimate love is best exemplified in this beautiful song by Ashmont Hill called: “Your Masterpiece.”  That was intentional guys and gals.  Bless up!!!

    Give A Gyal Di Knife…Yuh ah di Wife: Good Women deserve Good Men

    For those who are confused by the Jamaican-ness of the title, it basically is saying that you shouldn’t let unworthy women take all the good men out there nor should you feel frustrated that it is impossible to find a good man.  Now you’re probably still thinking that I fell down and bumped my head with a title like this, but believe me, it needs to be said and here is why:

    I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about  trouble/issues with men, I had to really level with her about today’s male.  Here she is, a successful super attractive single mother of two gorgeous children, owns her own home & car, and barely 30.  The only thing wrong is that the men that she meets can’t handle her independence.  It was poignant that she said to me in no uncertain terms:

    Aurie, no matter how successful I am, and although I can live my life to the fullest without a man, I don’t want to be alone.

    That really hit home to me to think how she wrestles with this.  I told her that even though she doesn’t want to be alone, it is important to be alone for as long as it takes for her growth and progress to take place for the next wonderful person she might meet.  I told her that it’s been my experience that when people force things to happen, the chance of success can be doomed from the start.  Taking the time to learn about yourself, by yourself, is just as important as learning about someone else.  How long does that take?  If you have God in your life, it takes as long as it is supposed to take. *You can roll your eyes if you want, but it’s a truth that I know for myself* You can’t put a timetable on these matters to be brutally honest.  When it happens, it happens.  However, in that time of preparation, your heart, mind, and soul is healing so that hopefully when the right person comes along, you’ll be ready.

    The time spent apart from an intimate relationship with another can force you to be intimate with parts of yourself that you may not pay enough attention to which is why negative cycles can continue (i.e. spiritual, mental, emotional, etc.)  It takes a lot of time and energy to invest in someone else and if that person isn’t the right one for you, you may not be able to be fair to yourself and subsequently to the other person as a result.  As such, you should know your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, goals and if you’re totally confused about these things, then there is work to do.  I would not suggest that you have to know everything about yourself before getting into a relationship because that’s just not practical.  Having the mindset that you have to nurture yourself is so important.  You will already have good habits in place to be able to be a great potential partner with that person and you’ll be able to identify if that person can reciprocate the same.  It will be a mutually nurturing relationship with real potential instead of one that is superficial or lacking real substance.

    She said that she really was looking for someone like her father, a man who she adores and loves more than anything.  The seed of what she wants was planted and is a very good one.  This confused her because she says that she can never seem to find those “kind of guys.”  This kind of guy is “manly” -I read that as chivalrous – and somewhat old fashioned even though we all know that the role of men and women has shifted tremendously since the 1950s (for example).

    Since I was speaking to a female friend from my own perspective, I decided to quantify my experience with the way I see today’s man.  There are some men who are:

    • Angry Chauvinist – Men who refuse to accept that women are equal and lash out against change in a way that is more often destructive than constructive (the man that wants a woman to stay in a place that is more than submissive but subverted.)
    • Weak – Men who say the heck with it and allow strong women to walk all over them because they lack backbone. (the one who is just fine with a sugar momma, etc.)
    • Balanced – Men who are still true leaders, but realize that the role of a man is now broader than before because women are participating in all parts of society instead of a select few roles.  As such, it requires inner determination and security in oneself in order to feel self worth.

    Of course this is by no means all of it, but for the purpose of this discussion, these were more than appropriate to highlight.  A man should feel a burning desire to provide, protect, satisfy *wink*, and have a sense of ultimate responsibility in a relationship.  These characteristics can take different forms now that we live in a different world than before.  In Western culture however, a woman makes her choice as to which man she wants to ultimately be with.  That freedom of choice comes with the responsibility to be in total commitment in all situations and that requires submission which takes a strength & self-worth/esteem that seems to be depicted as unimportant.

    Total commitment doesn’t mean that she will be silent or not brave enough to step up in situations where the man is gone, wrong or out of order.  There is a real difference.  Submission is a dirty word today because it has been propagated as any number of things that it should not be. Submission does not mean abuse. Submission does not mean slavery.  Submission does not mean not equal.  A mission is defined by the role of the actors/actresses who participate towards a common goal or agenda.

    Submission should only mean: Under the mission.

    She is under a mission that she freely chooses because of who she chose.  She is under a mission that is shared by both man and woman.  The man is ultimately responsible if the mission fails regardless of how roles are divided.  That mission is to spend the rest of your lives together and leaving an ultimate legacy that should be cherished and pleasing to God rather than anything else.  If the correct context is used, then the understanding will not be flawed and the communication needed to have a great life together will be of utmost importance.  Roles in the modern family are different, but that man is responsible for his spouse and that spouse is responsible for unwavering support and the ability to share a vision together that will be fruitful for their family over the course of their lives.

    Sharing this point of view with my friend was super helpful and so I decided to share as well.

    Peace and Blessings

    Day 17: A Photo That Makes Me Shed Tears

    Day 17 brings up some sad and raw emotions that changed my life drastically. These photos brings tears of joy and sorrow at the same time and it is so difficult to watch the effects of dementia set in on one of the top 5 strongest and most precious women in my life. This is one of my grandmothers, God Bless Her, that was so strong and in the matter of weeks started to decline.   She has lived  a very fulfilling life and I can take  much solace in that.  However, a good quality of life in the later years is something that I want for all of my loved ones.  From all of this, I have learned that God is the one in control…ALWAYS…even when I try to wrap my mind around the our brokenness as human beings.





    Love You Always


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