Inspired 2.8

“I am reminded that when you live a life for others, the rewards can never be measured.” – Aurie


Inspired 2.7

“Innovation rarely comes from the establishment.” – Aurie

Always remember that it takes just one great idea to get started…Show your individualism and try new things.  Be inspired.  Happy Labor Day!

Discover St. Augustine Florida

Known as the oldest continuously occupied settlement on the continental US, St. Augustine is certainly a place that I would encourage you to discover.  St. Augustine is located in Northeastern Florida near Jacksonville.  It has a nice mixture of history, beach life, fine dining, and a pace that says…please vacation with me.  Here are a few pictures to give you a slice of the St. Auggie life as I like to call it.


St. Auggie Life

Welcome to St. Augustine

Welcome to St. Augustine

Raintree Restaurant, St. Augustine

Raintree Restaurant, St. Augustine


Olde City, A1A – St Augustine

Here are a list of places to visit on your next trip

That’s just a small sample as there is so much more.

“Creating lasting memories can only come from rich experiences.” – Aurie   

Happy New Year – 2013

Happy New Year to all my EA family and friends. Make 2013 your year.

“2013 is a year of opportunity, staying the course, and remembering your source!” – Aurie

God bless your inspiration and perspiration! Hard work always yields something worthwhile. Live for others and experience all that God has for you.


Inspired 2.5

Hello folks…With a little help, I got such a bolt of inspiration tonight.  One of my closest friends had a great experience with one of her patients who shared the following quote:

“Honey! What good is love if you don’t give it away?” – Unknown

How awesome is that?  It’s a simple thought, but deeply rooted in the elemental level of our human experience & existence.  Just something to think about, especially in times like these.  Be inspired always.


Inspired 2.4

My inspired quote for this week came from a great conversation from an awesome and loyal friend…Thank you for bringing inspiration with such positive vibes.  It’s easy when you have a heart that is always positive and looking to encourage the best in others.

” always know that you passion is the forecast of your potential…” – Aurie