Inspired 2.9

I found this great quotable quote to kickstart the week both literally & figuratively.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” – Dabo Sweeney

Need I say more.  Make this a fantastic week no matter what you may face.  It’s amazing how things change when you make a decision to put things in ultimate perspective.  Just keeping it real with all my ninjas.

Keeping it Real

Keep It Real Ninja Style


Inspired 1.6

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there. I’m hittin’ you off another inspired post that came to me this evening. You know how I do what I do, but I do it for you. *sorry, felt a little lyrical there and that didn’t turn out so well – chuckles*
With this time of year being one of reflection and of course eating, here is some food for thought. I find myself thinking about simple ways to encourage myself and others. In an effort to fulfill the shared vision & mission of my church of loving God passionately and loving others intentionally, I thought that I would share yet another inspired message of positivity with you all.

Always remember this:

“Live To Love.  Love To Live. You will always have a heart of gratitude if you do this.” – Aurie

Inspired 1.5

The fifth installment of my inspired series is based on a segment of the August 5th episode of Need To Know on PBS.

A lot of us are yearning for safety and security during these troubling times.  For some of us, it’s financial, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, or a combination of any or all.  However, our own fears get in the way of our destinies because of the assumptions and inherent reactions we have during difficult times.

By Randy Glasbergen

For example, when the stock market falls, the immediate urge is to flee from the loss.   We should take a good look at the underlying principles, motivations, and goals of our original actions first before taking appropriate measures. Over the past few days, many of our 401k portfolios,  IRAs, brokerage accounts, and the like have taken a huge hit.  However, this is exactly the time to buy more stock that are now discounted.  The same can be said in other aspects of our lives. When a difficult moment comes such as –  loss of a loved one, loss of job, or any kind of meaningful challenge to our very sense of self – many of us do not think about what can come of it after the initial grief we feel. Sometimes, we just sit and wallow in our own pity and let things spiral out of control. I myself have been at this kind of impasse and low moment in life. I decided to invest at this critical moment in my own well being and in the well being of others and I can testify that I have truly been blessed by the investment.

As such, this quote really spoke to me even though it was a quote based on investing in urban parks in cities struggling with budget shortfalls.

“If you have the gumption to invest during hard times, the benefits you will reap when times improve will be magnificent.”  – derived and paraphrased from the founder of “Friends of the High Line”

Allow your mind to roam for a bit.

Imagine, you have a struggling city that is slashing public employees’ benefits, police staffing, and the like, but at the same time squeezing funds to invest in public spaces that cost $153 million and returns about $2 billion in direct investment back into the community through jobs, small business growth, housing, etc.

Now humor me and draw a parallel with an individual’s circumstances of lets say…loss of a loved one and loss of a job. After going through the grief of it all, you decide to invest in the family and friends still here on this earth. You decide to love with more energy and focus than ever before. You decide to not take things for granted and to invest in yourself in a way that stretches your capacity to love more. At the same time, you lost your job and went on unemployment, but you decide to give of your time and treasure to worthy causes in spite of your own difficult financial circumstances. The ultimate reward may be the connection, the encouragement, and the vision to pick up and do something totally different than you originally planned and it is working out quite well. Restoration is coming your way. Be inspired to invest even when it doesn’t seem like you can because: trouble doesn’t last always.

Inspired 1.4

Here is another installment of my Inspired series of positive messages.

If music inspires you, then take a few minutes to let this song minister to you. When you look back at your life and all that you’ve been through…the good, the bad, the ugly, you can’t help but be thankful that you made it this far. I can say without a doubt that being grateful has helped me to grow to love more, to have increased patience, to have perspective in life, and to recognize God all the more in my life. I’m inspired and I hope you are too.

This first video is a collabo between for NBA player, Wayman Tisdale, and world renown recording artist, Marvin Sapp.

Song by Wayman Tisdale ft Marvin Sapp

This second video is also called Grateful and is performed by Hezekiah Walker and LFC
Note: Please play this video in a new tab or window

Song by Hezekiah Walker & LFC & Dave Hollister – Grateful

Peace and Blessings. May God go with you in your travels and be grateful for every chance you get to be alive on this earth. Do something with this time you have. Make a difference.

If you need added inspiration, take a look at what fellow blogger, Ms. Nikks, had to say about being thankful. Her blog post here really touched my heart and I can help but believe that it will touch yours as well.

I will leave you all with another Aurie_ism.

“Being, Living, Sharing. That’s how genuine positivity works. Be positive, live positive, share positive.” – Aurie

P.S. What are you grateful for? Post your comments below

Inspired 1.3

My first post of 2011 took a slight detour from my original intention.  That post will come soon.  Here is another from my inspired blog post series.

I had a great talk with my cousin this evening and, as usual, we always tend to delve into things that are meaningful life lessons.  She really is such a sister to me and a great sounding board at key moments in my experience.  In our conversation, my inspiration flowed through this quote that I will share with you all.

“Adversity is an opportunity to prove one’s strength.” – Aurie

Take this into your heart and rest in God’s ability to comfort you in times of adversity.  The peace that you receive with shine brightly and many will wonder how can it be.  It’s God’s comforting touch manifested in those who show you love unconditionally and without recourse.  With that, why would you feel troubled by difficult times knowing that your help comes from that which is perfect?  While we fail daily as human beings, find joy in the Lord because we are loved in spite of our own shortcomings.

My heart is smiling because this spoke to my heart and it may speak to you if not now then whenever that time comes when you need an encouraging word.

Peace & Blessings,


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Inspired 1.2

I thought that I would share a quote that came to me after answering this thought provoking question from one of my best friends:

“If vulnerabilities make me fragile, why let myself be vulnerable?”

To this, I answered with the following: Being vulnerable isn’t always bad. Vulnerabilities are inevitable. It is part of the human experience where perfection is the golden idea, however, it is unattainable. Being human is beautiful and difficult at the same time.

“Your strength is not best demonstrated from denying that you are vulnerable…Your strength comes from being bold despite your vulnerability.” – Aurie

I hope this blesses someone. Remember that you are blessed to be a blessing.

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Inspired 1.1

I have always tried to be positive in this journey called life because there are many times when we have to overcome something to learn, growth, and succeed.

I had an inspiring moment when the following came to mind:

“Endless determination is what my heart spills into my mind” – Me

This meant alot to me when I thought about it. The reason for this is due to the fact that there are times when you feel as if you can’t, but indeed, you can. With steely resolve, in which I believe you can never get enough, you can acheive many things.

With that said, create your own personal phrases from time to time to motivate, invigorate, and help you press your way into where you need to be. Just something to think about.

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