Inspired 2.2

This one is called Sometimes.


  • you feel like too much is happening at once
  • you have to step away to see things clearly
  • there are some things that aren’t meant to understand at the moment you want to understand them
  • you feel like bustin’ out in song for no good reason and you probably should
  • the simplest things in life have more context than you could ever imagine
  • simplicity is simply simple

Have a great week and continue to find your inspirations in your daily life.  It’s the best place to start.


4 thoughts on “Inspired 2.2

  1. I wanna break out in dance most of the time lol…I never will. Lol lol.

    Sometimes the simple things have more context…YES! So true.


  2. I sing weird songs to my dogs. Sometimes I even surprise myself as to what I come up with. 🙂 How are things? Long time no blog! I moved back to Blogdrive. I thought I’d check in on you and see what you’re up to. How are you??


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