Inspired 2.0

Today I am inspired by my long time blogging friend, Deirdre, author of Inspired to Affect & Touch.  A line in one of her recent post really stuck with me.

“my glass is now half empty [… ] but only because i continue to drink from it…” – Deirdre

So profound when I first heard it….How is your thinking?  Is it stinkin’?  Is it positive?

glass half full?


2 thoughts on “Inspired 2.0

  1. When I wrote that, it came from a place of realization that even when things are grim, I continue to move forward and find a way to prevail. I have always been the type of person who doesn’t go down without a fight. I work continuously to bring myself up but at the same time, I drive myself sad with things that are out of my control. My glass is half empty but it stays that way because no matter what, I refill it and I continue to drink, I continue to try. 🙂


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