New Feel-Good Worksheets are up!

What a novel idea…and in line with the positive theme of my blog. Thanks to daily health boost for this reblog opportunity

Daily Health Boost

Hi All!

First of all.. lots of ♥ for everyone for following/commenting/liking/reading my blog! It is so exciting & humbling if you see that there are so many people that enjoy what you put out there. I only started this blog about 2 1/2 months ago and am soo thrilled by all the lovely responses. I’m having so much fun in discovering interesting content for the blog, its a blast!

More exciting news is that I am working on my own articles that are mind-body health related. As you all know I am all about creating health the not-so-obvious way; by creating more happiness & love in our lives. It’s amazing how much effect we can have with out mind over the body (for example, think placebo effect). I believe that our bodies are a reflection of our minds. At every moment, our bodies are continually responding to the messages…

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3 thoughts on “New Feel-Good Worksheets are up!

  1. Always a good thing to take a moment during or at the end of the day to reflect and realize how truly blessed we are. Take nothing for granted.


  2. These sheets look awesome. For the month of April, I had a ‘Grateful Wall’ up where I wrote one thing I was grateful for either in the morning before I left the house, or before I laid my head at night. I didn’t get a list of 30, but I got about 16-20 sentences. I should probably keep that habit up every other month…at the end of the month, whatever mood I was in, I was reminded of things that had just happened that either brightened my mood, reminded me that one day should not dictate my attitude and that the next day could have a lot in store for me.
    We tend to be stuck sometimes in just one bad day, or one bad set of news…sometimes we have to be reminded to expand our focus.


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