Inspired 1.7

My inspired quote today is a positive twist on a comedy act I saw this morning.

Wow, isn’t God just awesome?? I woke up today believing in myself, so much so that…

“I have to start searching furiously through drawers and cupboards for the chisel that [the good Lord] used to sculpt this work of art [that is me] because I am convinced it was not done on my own” – Kyle Kinane (insert your laughter here)

Remember that with everything in life, you must remember to enjoy yourself and even laugh at yourself sometimes. Life doesn’t always have to be so serious. While I wouldn’t take it all the way to where Kyle Kinane, the comedian, took it … but I still like the point.


7 thoughts on “Inspired 1.7

  1. That’s pretty funny and you’re right. We can’t take life too seriously, we stress too much at times over things we could just laugh at. Shake it off and keep it moving. Always inspiring, thanks Aurie.


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