Here is another edition of the FollowFridayFunnies #FFF

My good sistren on twitter, JovieJ, author of The Big Risk, have always taken solace in cutting up over that Windows Mobile commercial we saw on youtube. You know the one where they say “reeeeaaaaaally?” the entire commercial after acts of utter nonsense…yep, that one.
I couldn’t help but bring this back after opening this here bag of Doritos the other day. I’m not going to lie; This was quite offensive to say the least. Take a peek below:

Ok is that it really?

Take a look at this. I don’t know who could actually give this to customers with a straight face. It’s a low down, shameful, wicked act. It was bad enough when you decided to only fill the bag halfway, but I literally got the $0.25 amount in the $0.99 bag.

Do you have a “reeeeaaaaaally?” moment? Describe it in the comment section below.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend. Happy trails!


9 thoughts on “Reeeaaaalllyyyyy?

  1. All chip bags make me say “reaallllly”!!

    Oh and it seems every time I try to tell Kirk a story, Penny (our Doberman Pinscher) decides to start play-growling at our other dog, Shea, which brings out my instinctive “realllllllly???”



  2. hhahahahahahaha.

    *pauses to catch breath* ahahahahaha

    But seriously, it is a shame when you open a bag to find it half full. In fact, I have come to expect to find a half full bag – never have I come across one that was full. But now we are on to 1/4 full? We must be in a serious recession.


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