I Think I Have Gas

I dont know about y’all, but you may have had this conversation with yourself and/or others. It may have gone something like this: “I think I have gas…oh wait…no i don’t. Didn’t I just filled up a few days ago?  :::sigh::: Let me go fill up. :::at the pump::: What do you mean $20 for barely 5 gallons of gas?”

Even the other day when I filled up, I witnessed something that revealed the sign of the times. A young lady was in her Honda Accord Coupe and was filling up while I pulled in. I looked over at her pump and saw when it stopped at $47.20. Looking at her, the reaction I saw was one of horror. Here is the sequence: she looked at the pump, she looked down into her purse, looked back at the pump, looked back down at her purse again (i’m guessing trying to decide how she’s going to pay for this), looked up and mumbled to herself, looked over at me and shook her head with a smirk of understanding, and then turned back to hand the attendant the method of payment. That alone said it all.  How does the song go?

“I could go on and on…the full has never been told…” – Buju Banton

For about $40, I was able to get about 10.959 gallons since gas is $3.65 (cash price) at my usual gas station. I remember when $20 used to do the same job. Can you believe it?  Even with saying all of this, the great folks in New York and Philadelphia would love to hop across the bridge or tunnel pay what I pay right now for gas.  If it were only free for them to do so…the possibilities.  Ever since that first big spike in gas prices a couple years back, I’ve felt the need to become better at paying attention to variable expenses. For almost a year, I’ve been keeping track of my gas expenditures because…well…there’s an app for that! Here is a screen shot summarizing my expenditures for calendar year 2011 year-to-date.


I’ve been paying more and more on every fill up; and to compound things, my mixed-use gas mileage hasn’t really been optimal. I am barely getting 25 miles per gallon right now for my Volkswagen Jetta. It’s not even the month of May and I’ve spent almost $700 this year on gas alone. This is a grim reality that will hasten my zeal to make some lifestyle adjustments as soon as I can. I encourage you all to do the same as best you can. All you can do at this stage is to make the necessary adjustments. If by some miracle gas prices come back down to a comfortable $1.50 per gallon, I can only hope that the changes you would make now would be permanent and not just only as a direct response to your pockets feeling the pain at the pump. Sometimes, we are put in situations and circumstances that force us to make a significant change. Although painful, it is exactly what we need to move forward.  Just something to think about.

Safe travels everyone and walk good.


9 thoughts on “I Think I Have Gas

  1. hi Aurie
    It’s me, GC. I can’t take these gas prices much longer. If it gets any higher I might have to park my car and invest in regular metrocards. My job is very convenient via public transportation. I also need to do more walking in order to run my errands. Either that or get delivery. Too bad New Jersey isn’t so walkable. I consider it the land of vanishing sidewalks.


  2. Hey GC, thank you for stopping by. You are so right about the whole vanishing sidewalks thing. I really think that it will take ridiculous gas prices to slowly change the drive first mentality/behavior that has been entrenched in our American psyche for over a century now. However, with these prices must come the vision of having the will to build and update our transportation infrastructure (i.e. roads, light rail, heavy rail, etc.) – the problem is that suburban-new sprawl planning nowadays rarely considers the inclusion of a truly effective public transportation system that can be easily connected to the larger network. We’ll see what happens though if these prices don’t go down.


  3. See this is why I’m glad I walk. But then again I can no longer get free rides to the grocery store. 😦

    Gas is outta control screams the passenger!! Thank God for public transportation and good ol’ left & right! LOL


    • Location is everything…living in a city like scape is as important as anything nowadays in order to somewhat insulate yourself from gas prices. Another thing is to ensure that you don’t live too far away from the workplace.


  4. This is like the depression edition – I have become so stingy (can’t just jump in the car and drive anymore – all this planning) and that is the opposite of my personality so as the gas prices rise, I get miserable 😦


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