Inspired 1.4

Here is another installment of my Inspired series of positive messages.

If music inspires you, then take a few minutes to let this song minister to you. When you look back at your life and all that you’ve been through…the good, the bad, the ugly, you can’t help but be thankful that you made it this far. I can say without a doubt that being grateful has helped me to grow to love more, to have increased patience, to have perspective in life, and to recognize God all the more in my life. I’m inspired and I hope you are too.

This first video is a collabo between for NBA player, Wayman Tisdale, and world renown recording artist, Marvin Sapp.

Song by Wayman Tisdale ft Marvin Sapp

This second video is also called Grateful and is performed by Hezekiah Walker and LFC
Note: Please play this video in a new tab or window

Song by Hezekiah Walker & LFC & Dave Hollister – Grateful

Peace and Blessings. May God go with you in your travels and be grateful for every chance you get to be alive on this earth. Do something with this time you have. Make a difference.

If you need added inspiration, take a look at what fellow blogger, Ms. Nikks, had to say about being thankful. Her blog post here really touched my heart and I can help but believe that it will touch yours as well.

I will leave you all with another Aurie_ism.

“Being, Living, Sharing. That’s how genuine positivity works. Be positive, live positive, share positive.” – Aurie

P.S. What are you grateful for? Post your comments below


9 thoughts on “Inspired 1.4

  1. I’m grateful to see another day, my health, the activity of my limbs and to see my mini smile!

    This a beautiful post Aurie!!


  2. I’m grateful for my life. I have so many blessings and I always try to remember that when things aren’t going that well. No matter what transpires, I can always find something to be grateful for. 🙂


  3. I have so much to be grateful for that I can’t choose just one and that’s a great thing. I’m thankful for the good and bad experiences because I always learn and grow from them. Everything I go through brings me closer to God each time.


  4. There are very few of us that can not take the time to realize how lucky we are.

    I think far few of us do take the time.

    Play it pretty up in Heaven for me, Wayman.
    Also, Uncle Bee (Personal).


  5. Thanks for your responses folks.

    Here is what I am grateful for: I am grateful for the small things, the big things, the things I don’t even know that I am supposed to be grateful for, and for the fact that I am still in the land of the living – able to grow in love, faith, and purpose…


    • As he is one of my favs as well. :-). It’s Resurrection Sunday and a perfect time to truly wrap my mind about being grateful to God today and everyday.


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