Funny on a Friday

If you consider yourself a social media buff or even a wannabe, you are probably on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and so on. I personally wouldn’t say that I am one, but I’ve always had the propensity to keep track of my peeps and tweeps online because I’m so used to having good friends in far away places.

Speaking about keeping track of my peeps & tweeps, I have decided to rest mi foot likkle bit at the Cinnamon Coffee Spot. I want to thank Nicky for having me do a guest post and to continue to keep up the great work. Since I’m staring out the window at 2 feet of snow, I’ll have a small cup of blue mountain coffee, dark, strong, and sweet (just like me).

If you have a Twitter account, you are most likely familiar with hashtags, denoted by –> # <–. The hashtags are used to sort status updates via a trending topic. One that has taken off very well is #JamaicanBlogger. This was created by one of my blog sistrens: Nicky aka @therealnickmack who is the author of NickMack dot Net (see my caribbean blogroll).

Since today is Friday, there is a cool thing that twitter account holders do. They will give some free publicity to their followers by putting #FF or #FollowFriday along with that person’s username (eg. #FF @experienceaurie). This encourages the growth of your account with the oldest marketing tool; word-of-mouth.

I was thinking of another variation of this concept which would be called #FFF (Follow Friday Funnies). Although inspired by Twitter, I will do this on my blog because it won’t be easy to keep ever joke to 140 characters. If you would like to do this, feel free to reference the hashtag #FFF and link back to this blog post.

Today’s #FFF is:

What does three soft tacos and BP have in common?

Well there are a couple of things…they both give you gas and indigestion for about $2.99.

This post was brought to you by Experience Aurie


7 thoughts on “Funny on a Friday

  1. I don’t Twitter so none of that makes sense to me. Hahaha! Oh and I deactivated my Facebook account too. I’m kind of getting away from social media. I have text messaging and my blog… I think I can be happy with that. It feels good to streamline and feel less obligated to so many people. *HUGS*


  2. it certainly can get overwhelming, but too many of my folks are all over the globe, so I can’t get rid of FB as yet. I’ve already scaled back from myspace, hi5, and pretty much everything outside of twitter, FB, & my blog. I don’t even get much in the way of emails either.


  3. damn right abt BP 🙂

    I can’t believe I used to do Hi5 and BlackPlanet and all that nonsense. I have definitely scaled back and I agree Ms. Nikks, if virtual starts messin w my reality, it gets kicked to the curb!


  4. Whats up Aurie? Is Fiyah dis (old time blog bredrin)… I couldn’t help but notice… yuh change up di site? lol… Really liking the theme! Makes me feel like ah just opened my wallet 🙂

    Anyways. Another thing BP and Taco Bell have in common is that they always seem to hire amateurs to clean up!


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