EAT Two: What Tech Item Can’t I Live Without

The EATExperience Aurie’s Take – Series continues with this question.

What tech device can I not live without?

My real answer is that there is not a single device that I would not be able to live without.  With that said and for the sake of still answering the question, my favorite device would have to be my iPhone right now. Ever since I got the Apple bug with my personalized 30GB iPod years back, I’ve been hooked. I’ve slowly but surely switched my devices over: Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPod, and down the line maybe an iPad.

From the Apple Website

I only have the regular 3G model phone, but it’s my one stop shop. It has everything that I need and most importantly, the internet. Whenever my modem was down, I used to get into a little funk, but now I have backup. I’m not much of a TV/Cable person, so having online access is the key to my entertainment.

Finally Nested

With almost 100 apps, I finally started nesting them into categorized folders. I had about 8 pages before this. I know JJ will be happy.

News, Sports, Entertainment

Above is a close up of one of the nested folders.

What’s your favorite device? Share in the comment section.


6 thoughts on “EAT Two: What Tech Item Can’t I Live Without

  1. My favorite device… my Mp3 Player. It doesn’t bother me whenever I’m busy (like a phone ringing) and it plays ALL of my favorite tunes no matter what! Hehe. If I had to pick one device to leave home with, for the sake of safety, I’d take my phone, (Motorola Droid)… but if you left me on the beach with a drink and the choice of only one electronic device, it would definitely be my Mp3 player. 🙂


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  3. I can understand u there. I love my cell phone. It does so much for me…I’d cry if I lost or left it home for a couple of hours.

    It happened once…and lets just say I was ready to walk a couple of miles just to get it…lol.. and it was the dead of night. LOL


    • LOL!! You crack me up SunnyD.

      For me, the thing is that when you unplug and go through the withdrawal process from all that connectivity, you learn to appreciate being lost from the world even if for a fleeting moment.


  4. Hey Aurie,
    It’s always good to find my way back here…you always have great posts and thought-provoking questions!

    I’m like you with the iPhone thing… it’s amazing how that Apple Transition can sneak up on you. The tele-vision is gone(replaced with streaming Netflix!), so when out and about, my iPhone is my hub in space. WordPress and Netflix can tag along with me now via there respective apps.
    Of late, it’s come in real handy at work. I never considered using calendars and pop up messages to remind me of important things/events/people until about four months ago. Now I couldn’t imagine NOT doing it.
    …wonder where out tech will be five/ten years from now???


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