My Reconnection with Jamaica

As a member of the Jamaican Diaspora/Expatriate Community, I am very pleased to report that I had the chance to spend the end of 2010 and a snippet of  2011 back in the Land of Wood & Water.  I had a great time reconnecting with family and enjoying Jamaica once again after an almost three year absence.  Although circumstances can explain this, it is still not acceptable to me.  As an aspiring global citizen, it is very important to make commuting a way of life and not to get so bogged down in one place.  Movement is beautiful and going back home to Jamaica consistently is extremely important to me.

With that said, I had a full schedule for the one week trip and I have the pictures to prove it right here:

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Awesome, huh?  Yes, it was just phenomenal.

What was great was that I was able to take the Jamaican Jewel and my Mom with me.  I spent time w/ my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma, and family friends (who are treated just like family).  From Kingston to St. Andrew, Spanish Town to Mandeville, St. Mary to Ocho Rios,  we took in quite a bit in a very short space of time.  It really is true.  It’s important to go back from whence you came in order to move forward with purpose.  For many of us, myself included, 2011 will be a pivotal year and one where this recharge was certainly needed.


13 thoughts on “My Reconnection with Jamaica

  1. I’m really happy I got to do this with you.. Meeting your other side of the family and those who were important to you growing up was phenomenal…
    I enjoyed every moment of it.. :0)


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  3. This is great. Wish I could go back to my birth place; unfortunately for me, I don’t speak the language (Spanish) and have no clue of my culture there. I was brought here to the US as a baby and have not been back since. I hope to make it to Panama one day. Thanks for sharing this experience.


    • I have some family roots in Panama as well…I think you should still go at some point even just as an innocent tourist w/ an eye towards learning about the historical perspective. I would find such inspiration in visiting there just as I did when I visited England.


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