Inspired 1.3

My first post of 2011 took a slight detour from my original intention.  That post will come soon.  Here is another from my inspired blog post series.

I had a great talk with my cousin this evening and, as usual, we always tend to delve into things that are meaningful life lessons.  She really is such a sister to me and a great sounding board at key moments in my experience.  In our conversation, my inspiration flowed through this quote that I will share with you all.

“Adversity is an opportunity to prove one’s strength.” – Aurie

Take this into your heart and rest in God’s ability to comfort you in times of adversity.  The peace that you receive with shine brightly and many will wonder how can it be.  It’s God’s comforting touch manifested in those who show you love unconditionally and without recourse.  With that, why would you feel troubled by difficult times knowing that your help comes from that which is perfect?  While we fail daily as human beings, find joy in the Lord because we are loved in spite of our own shortcomings.

My heart is smiling because this spoke to my heart and it may speak to you if not now then whenever that time comes when you need an encouraging word.

Peace & Blessings,


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