Link Up: New Hampshire Style

Family getting together with Aurie

So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I spent a little time with the family on Thursday…watched a little pigskin action & some Big East college basketball (UConn men & women are beasting right now and I love it).

Friday was splendid as well. I got a chance to meet up with my long time friend Sarah (in blue) who I haven’t seen in about 7 years. It was just awesome to meet her and her family. We talked the afternoon and evening away and they made me feel so welcomed. You can say that they gave me a taste of my own medicine (i.e. the aurie experience). In true New England fashion, they were warm, personable, fun loving, and totally engaging.


8 thoughts on “Link Up: New Hampshire Style

  1. I love the holidays, it’s such a great time to reflect and reminisce with friends. I hope to keep this spirit throughout the new year and not just around the holidays. Keyword ‘hope’. Lol.


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