Day 30: Who Are You?

Day 30 – Who Am I?

Well folks, that’s why I have an about me section.

About Aurie

This 30 Day Blog Challenge was exactly that. I am glad that you shared this journey with me. I encourage anyone to try this exercise and push yourself into your creative space. If I have inspired you to do so, show your blogger love by attaching a link to my blog at the beginning. You’ll probably notice that there is a link to learn more about this challenge below each day’s activity. Please use this link to see what the tasks are and go from there. I will be taking a few days off now in order to give some much needed attention to my blogroll. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I appreciate everyone’s support and understanding.

Peace & Love,

Learn more about the 30 day blog challenge: here


4 thoughts on “Day 30: Who Are You?

  1. I can’t wait to start this!! You have inspired me to try this and I have enjoy the ride of reading and view your post throughout this whole challenge. Even though I didn’t comment on all!!

    Love it all the way thru!!


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