Day 27: My Fashion Style

Day 27 tells you how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my blog community again.  My blog bredren, Corve, did a recent post about a men’s guide to fashion when going out on the town and I think that he nailed down where my style is heading, especially with look # 2.   Fashion Style by Corve Dacosta

Here are a few pictures of the everyday me.  Be gentle with me 🙂

Heading out for dinner

keeping it simple ah mi ting


Running Errands

Jeans and Tee kinda guy sometimes

College Times

Although I don’t have pictures of me for the following set of pictures, this is where my fashion sense has taken me as I’ve gotten older.

Kenneth Cole

Euro Italian style


Taking Fashion Risks

My style is ever evolving and although it obviously doesn’t totally define who I am, it is one of the ways I indulge my self-expression.

Learn more about the 30 day blog challenge: here


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