Day 20: A Letter To My Parents

Day 20 is cause for a celebration.  A letter to my parents is something that causes me to gush with great satisfaction.
Dear Mom & Dad,

Can you imagine that it is going on almost 30 years since y’all with the grace of God brought me into this place?  I could’ve been born in any number of situations and under any number of circumstances, but it was ordained that I was born at that time and at that place and entrusted to both of you.  Although things were not normal according to the “definition” or “depiction” of a family, things worked out haven’t they?  It is by no means perfect, but look at how I turned out. The work ethic, worth, and unconditional love  of you, Mom, can never be quantified.  I can only say thank you with failure to say it enough because my humanity makes it impossible to give you your just due.  You did most of the immediate job of raising me by yourself.  Dad, you’re pretty lucky to have had things work out the way they did because it could’ve turned out any which way if it was another woman and had your family (Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc) there to represent my idea of you when I didn’t really know who you were in the early years.  I’m glad that you never gave up even though it looked bad for a stretch.  I’m glad that you took responsibility for your actions and showed tremendous humility because it was very important to me.  I strive to be that humble, sincere, and circumspect.

Thank you for being my parents.  I have your physical features, your mannerisms, your hopes, your fears, and your legacy in my DNA.  I will honor you both even if I make mistakes and as I chart my own path in this world.  Just know that I am a most grateful son and I have nothing but love and respect for the both of you.

Your beloved son,


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3 thoughts on “Day 20: A Letter To My Parents

  1. Despite man’s fraility….life is truly understood….when you have done all you can and forever continue to do more…because and only because…you rest in the promises of God….and even when I could not see…I had faith and kept my eyes on the promises that God made to me, for my child! Prolific….and sincere….with nuff humility…..your legacy will be how your are defined…as you continue to be the man that God called you to be…the foundation was laid…a long time ago…walk into your season…No weapon can ever stop you for the great works that God wants you to do in his name! Love u….


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