Day 22: Nicknames And Their Stories

Day 22 is all about my nicknames.  I hate to disappoint, but unfortunately, I don’t have many nicknames.  However, here are a list and a little bit that goes behind each.  I think that the story is somewhat interesting.

Aurie: Aurie is a derivative of my first name and comes from my college friends Carissa & Punam.  Since they had trouble with my first name, they decided to chop off the front and back of my name and it somehow stuck and a grew to really like it.  It all started from a friendship borne from me getting in trouble in Psych lecture because they were both talking in the classroom.  I took the fall for them because the professor didn’t believe that the 2 cute little studious looking girls in the back of the class could ever disrupt her intro speech on the first day.  Needless to say, they got the glare from me and we’ve been great friends ever since.

G: The first initial of my last name and it predominantly used my my mom, aunt, and maternal grandmother.  It’s the easiest thing to say especially if you have to call to me.  One syllable is always easier than three right?

Number 3: Even though my favorite number is two, I get the distinction of being a third, so this goes without other explanation.

Junior Junior: This is more a derivative of my dad’s nickname.  His nickname has always been junior since he’s the second in the family lineage.  So of course, if you follow your principles of calculus, you’ll see that I am a function of the slope of….(are you losing me yet? hahahahaha :-D) So if the F(senior) => F'(junior) => F”(me) = F”(junior+junior) — Don’t you just love my math? LOL

The Choice: In my college basketball days, I was affectionately given a nickname that mimicked some of the nicknames of the big time ballers.  Kevin Garnett was the Franchise, Allen Iverson was the Answer…I was the Choice and might I add, I am still the Choice as long as I am in shape.

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3 thoughts on “Day 22: Nicknames And Their Stories

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  2. Nicknames are always funny things. Especially when they just happen out of nowhere and make no sense. For instance. I call my husband, Gin. His name has nothing to do with Gin. Lol. It’s a long story but it stuck. I think those are the best. The ones that just happen without reason. 😛


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