Day 23: What’s In My Bag?

Day 23 is a fun one for this blog challenge.  What’s in my bag?

Sounds simple enough.  Let’s walk over and take a look at what I have in here.  I have a blogger bag and a regular work bag.  Here is a picture of both.


Bag for work


In my bag for work, I have the business essentials: iPhone, iPhone juicepack, Cross Pen, backup pen, checkbook, business CDs for distribution, my online store catalogs, TI-82 calculator from high school, iPhone/iPod USB connector, car charger, small headphones, memory stick, miscellaneous paperwork in travel folder, pocket tissue, mouth spray, foam hand sanitizer, travel size hand cream, Nutrilite vitamins, and XS energy shot.


My Bag for Adventure


Note that some items will be repeated. In my blogger bag or my bag of adventure, I have the following items: iPhone, iPhone juicepack, smaller Cross click pen w/ matching refillable pencil, an extra generic pen, highlighter, travel flathead/phillips screwdriver, newer TI financial calculator, foam hand sanitizer, travel size hand cream, Macbook Pro laptop, laptop charger, big headphones, contact solution, mouth spray, Nutrilite vitamins, and XS Energy Shots.

Learn more about the 30 day blog challenge: here


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