Day 18: A Letter To Someone You Miss

Day 18 has been a little rough folks.  I’ve been searching for inspiration all day and instead I decided to reach back in time for some answers.  It’s not an official letter, but this means so much to me.

In Loving Memory of Grandpa L (original date 17/4/2010):

As I sat in Webster Memorial United Church, I listened keenly to the sermon by Rev. Grant, known to me as Auntie Dorothy. She spoke about how death can take you to certain places. For example, there are places of joy, unrequited sorrow, and reflection. Each person in my family has their own process to go through and their own timeline of events to retrace. As for myself, I am now beginning to understand the real big picture of what family is about. I was so naive leading up to this point as I reflect now. I didn’t really understand the true measure of a man was in the legacy he leaves with his family and friends. I am not going to beat myself up about it, but I am even more ready to honor my grandpa by leading a better life than anyone would expect. I used to think that was a burden to bear, but now it’s a terrific honor and opportunity to live with real purpose, real meaning. I will do things my way and encourage, help, & develop others along the way. I know that everyone won’t have a place to hear or listen to me, but I feel utterly responsible with the mantle of teacher and mentor. What a dynamic time in my life. That is the contribution Grandpa’s death had on me.

“Even in death, there is life because we remember.”– Anonymous

Much Love. May God Bless your Soul.

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