Day 11: Letter To An Ex

It’s day 11 and this is one of the most difficult ones yet.  A letter to an ex.

Dear Ex,

It was great while it lasted.  What we had was unsustainable because it was borne from a complex place that we never had the chance to figure out together.  With all of that, we still learned a lot.  However, we didn’t have the healthiest of relationships.  We were immature.  We were destined to be where we are right now and we are so much happier apart.  We’ve moved on for the better.  I am grateful that we went through the ups and the downs.  Time and perspective will aide progress and life goes on.  All the best with wherever life leads and I have the utmost confidence that you will find your ultimate happiness soon if not already.

Regards and God Bless You,


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6 thoughts on “Day 11: Letter To An Ex

    • i’m sorry to hear that, but i pray that you continue to heal and find perspective. it’s very difficult to do that when feelings are still so fresh or raw depending on your POV


  1. Great letter!! My challenge is a little different but the letter to someone who has hurt me recently is going to be similar to this………not sure how i’d write it as i’m with someone new now and it gets tricky………


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