Day 2: The Meaning Behind Your Name

Province of Potenza, Italy

It’s day two of the challenge and they gave me an easy one. I’ve been wondering what my name meant for a long time and I started some of my research years ago. The name is quite unusual and uncommon especially in Jamaica where I am from.  I was always told to be proud of it because it comes from a legacy that was borne in integrity and responsibility.

I go by and you know me as Aurie, but it is my nickname borne from my first name: Lauria

The thing is, my name originates from a town in Italy of roughly 14,000 people in the southern province of Potenza (also the name of my Bridgestone tires). More importantly, the history of the city’s early existence was centered around an Italian admiral known as Ruggiero di Lauria. He was a decorated naval commander, from a line of royalty, responsible for serving the kingdoms of Sicily and Aragon (Spain) which was at odds with the expanding French Empire in the late 13th century. Deep history I tell you. I won’t get into it too much, but a more exhaustive look behind the city of Lauria, Italy can be found at Wikipedia or the Encyclopedia Britanica.

You learn something new everyday.  Take a look at a view from above the town.  It is a goal of mine to take a trip there one of these days and really get a chance to learn the intricacies of the history of the place whose name I bear.

A view from the rooftops

Philadelphia, PA

As you can see, I’ve already started looking for anything with the name Lauria.  I hope to have a nice collection as I travel more and more.

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