Day 1: A recent photo & 5 Interesting Facts

At The Joisey ShoreThis is a recent photo from early September on a day at the shore with the family.

Five Interesting Facts:

1. I have been officially blogging since 2003

2. The two times I traveled to Europe was due to opportunities to perform musically.

3. I had my first french kiss in 1st grade (*hides*)

4. On my internship in Jamaica back in ’03, I actually ate 3 beef patties & 2 cocoa bread in one sitting because of a bet. (i anticipate that the hungry belly jokes are coming)

5. I gained 25 lbs. in my first year of college (i might as well mention this too and get it all out there, but in my defense it was mostly muscle because I was a work out fiend)

Learn more about the 30 day blog challenge: here


10 thoughts on “Day 1: A recent photo & 5 Interesting Facts

    • To answer your questions: Between both trips, the countries I went to were – England, Austria, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium, & Netherlands. On the first trip, it was a tour of Western Europe and I played mostly classical American music. The second trip was a singing tour of England including Ely and London among other places. I loved both trips. The only negatives were that England was severely expensive and the French hated us. Everything else was awesome!


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