Twitter Lock Mi Down Fi A Likkle Bit

A quick little update since twitter shut me down for a few hours talking about how I exceeded the status update limit for the day. Midnight can’t come quickly enough. Cho! In the meantime, I’ll take this opportunity to do a quick update on the blog here:

Congratulations Ms. Mexico for winning Miss Universe. Congratulations to Miss Jamaica & Miss Australia as well for placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. I blame Bruce for Miss Jamaica not winning. Maybe it’s because Yendi is the g/f of Asafa Powell and his 2nd place finishes rubbing off on her. On a more serious note, it really could’ve been the use of “God” in Miss Jamaica’s answer that sealed her fate for 2nd place. Miss Australia got Miss Congeniality which pretty much sealed her fate it seemed. In any case I’ll leave the speculation to others.
It also seems that moments after Mexico experienced an earthquake. I do pray that no lives were lost and that all is well with our brothers and sisters of Mexico. What a day


8 thoughts on “Twitter Lock Mi Down Fi A Likkle Bit

  1. I’ve been banned a bit as well – thought I was alone on this.

    Yendi did us proud tonight. Amazing night and it couldn’t have had a better ending. Loved every minute of it.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • that’s why i didn’t see you in my timeline for a little while there. LOL. I’m also looking forward to your post since this is your arena. Corve, you gifted bad enuh star!!


      • I wish I knew how many status updates I did. I haven’t been keeping track, but here is the link that explains the daily limits.
        According to this link, you can do about 1,000 status update tweets per day (including retweets). I did a lot of retweeting too, but I’m still scratching my head b/c my total tweets didn’t even eclipse 4,000 yet. I guess retweeting doesn’t count in that figure though. I don’t even think that I had a direct message yesterday at all, so that could not have been the reason.


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