Hey fellow bloggers, subcribers, casual …

Hey fellow bloggers, subcribers, casual readers. By now, I believe that most if not all of you are connected to Facebook in some way, shape, or form. I wanted to get a sense of your general sentiments on this question without doing an official poll: Are you support for the idea of having a dislike button or not?


4 thoughts on “Hey fellow bloggers, subcribers, casual …

  1. I very much support and need a dislike button but I suppose it could get out of hand. People might go around disliking other people’s photos of their children and such. It could be hurtful.


  2. thanks for your input and feedback ladies. i’m waffling at the moment…i don’t think that i should so much care, but i feel that cyber bulling will have yet another tool if this is allowed. if you have something bad to say, i think it shouldn’t be as easy as 1 click of the mouse, but should require more work. LOL. that’s just me.


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