Blogging on the Go: Reading Terminal Market

Blogging outside in the middle of it all

One of the newer features of my new blog, Experience Aurie, is to do a series/category called blogging on the go. Although keeping things simple is what I aim to do, I would like to share a few thoughts and images that gives you the essence of the prism that I look through. The way that I do this is by actually doing much of my blogging from the location, literally on the street. Trying to blog here can sometimes be a logistical issue, but I will try my best.  What has helped me out is the free WordPress application that I have on my iPhone.  It allows me to do just about everything I want to do on the go.  Since, I never know when my blogging juices will start flowing, I want to be ready.  Just remember, “my inspiration comes standard, and in automatic.” – Aurie

I think that there is one in every major city

I am coming to you live from the bustling streets of Center City Philadelphia and taking in the sights, sounds, and flavors.  Walking down Arch Street past Chinatown was nice.  People watching is something that can be fun and I am even doing a little bit of that. Sitting here on the sidewalk along side Reading Terminal Market between Arch & Filbert is definitely a pleasant experience on a nice day like it is today. The sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze to give the air a crisp enough feeling of invitation as opposed to the yearning to find some A/C fast.

So anyway, the Reading Terminal Market has been around since the founding of Philadelphia in the seventeenth century.  The concept of the marketplace changed from an open air concept (something that we are used to) to an indoor facility due to the concern with public health and the street car traffic from back in the day.  The Reading Terminal Market came together from two separate Markets places – Farmers’ Market & Franklin Market. You can read more about the history by clicking here. The beautiful thing about this place is that there is something for everyone.  They have so much to offer including: bakeries, beverages, dairy products, meats, farm stand stuff, books, flowers, seafood, Amish Country items & cuisine, seafood, etc. etc. etc.  You would need a whole day to see everything and I still think that you may not be able to really get the full experience in one day.  I especially liked the fact that the place is so vibrant with a total mash of different kinds of people all enjoying the place together.  Below are a few thumbnails including the gyro and greek salad that I had for lunch.  In trying to be healthier, I decided against sweet drinks and brought my water with me.  There are cheaper alternatives than what I had to eat, but that’s the beauty of  the market; you can get just about anything here.

At the end of it all, I definitely recommend a visit if you’re in Philadelphia.  If anyone frequents the Philadelphia region much, I welcome any recommendations about where the best spots are for dining at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.  Live well and enjoy life and its simple pleasures.


Arch & 12th

Grown locally

I felt for a gyro

Fresh Bread

Liked the freshness of the taste

Slightly less than $10 after tax

Mouth full of food


4 thoughts on “Blogging on the Go: Reading Terminal Market

  1. When I’m in Philly, I’m always enjoying the night life. Love the different places to dine or just grab a drink.

    Love this post!


  2. Yes SunnyD – I think that the Philly charm really shows itself at this spot as well as any other. Philly has a lot of issues, but this certainly isn’t one of them.


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