Everyone Has A Story To Tell

I was always told from an early age to never turn your nose down on people because: “…even the destitute man on the street has a story to tell.”,

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to watch a lot of crazy youtube videos and I have to tell you, I am so conflicted. Now that everything goes viral and there are so many media sources out there because of even people like me blogging about whatever I want, it becomes very difficult to get the traditional filters that we may have grown up with at the time when the internet wasn’t as integral as it is now in our lives. We now have smartphones, laptops, tiny powerful cameras & video recorders to be able to share content at a pace that is frankly scary.

So here is where the source of my inner conflict comes from: I am about to show you three videos of which 2 are from Jamaican news broadcasts and 1 from an American news broadcast. All three reports are honest attempts at journalism that should have an effect people in a way that would galvanize outrage at the plight of our fellow citizens. It should get us to motivated to do something about it. Somehow the comedic nature of people eager to be on TV gets in the way of this important message sometimes. The content here can refer to graphic representations so be careful if you watch this with young children around. If you feel guilty about laughing, so did I, but I still had to get it out.

  • This first clip is about the May Pen Cemetery Workers who have not received compensation for quite a bit of work completed. It was getting to the point where people started and completed work and the date for receiving money for services almost seemed like it would never happen…pretty much a worker’s rights issue.
  • This next clip is very short, but it was another newscast about the well publicized Tivoli Gardens Mayhem when the GOJ went into the community to flush out Chris ‘Dudus’ Coke because he was wanted for extradition for drug charges in the US.
  • Now, this is an American clip that features a working class fellow in a tough area in the Huntsville, Alabama area speaking about an attempted rape attack on his sister.
  • Now we all know how graphic, gripping, and sensational these news reports can be. No matter where you live, you unfortunately hear stories like these everyday. However, a lot of these people are just not exposed to proper media etiquette and unfortunately, we all get a huge laugh out of it. It is pretty funny, but it still doesn’t make it right and that’s why I have that conflict.

    Now, in America, I am seeing this last guy here – named Antoine Dodson – become a huge celebrity overnight. They’ve now made a song about his interview and it has gone over a million hits in a short time. He has a fan page on facebook with over 23,000 subscribers including me and they are selling t-shirts with his face on it. He is now a cult hero just because his method of expressing his outrage for a personal family situation in the media only to help find the perp that attempted to take advantage of her.

    Extended Version was too good not to add

    Yep! Exactly. That’s what I said. I guess that’s the way the world is heading nowadays. So like I said before, everyone has a story to tell, but just remember that everyone will tell your story differently and with their own agenda if they so choose because we are truly in a global place.


    9 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Story To Tell

    1. That was too funny… I hope they do find Antoine, he deserves something… And I sure hope they caught that intruder..


    2. I hope they get him on SNL or something to that effect…or just send him a check for half the proceeds that they must be raking in on iTunes right now from the song & ringtones, etc.


    3. I hope this isn’t offensive but I’m hopelessly clueless. I couldn’t understand a couple of women in the first video… were they speaking in another language? Does Jamaica have it’s own language? I’m sorry. I feel really dumb not knowing this.


      • No Deirdre, I could not have expected that you would understand our frantic Jamaican sisters and brothers acting the way they did on national tv like you saw. As you can see, we Jamaicans are so expressive, it almost looks dangerous. ^_^ – The gist of the first one was just that you had working mothers unable to support their families because they didn’t receive wages for a government sponsored jobs program that was to clean up a cemetery in a large town & parish capital called May Pen about 40 or so minutes west from Kingston. The second one was a local spokeswoman who was attempted to describe the feeling of the local population in the Tivoli Gardens area that made international news because of the extradition.
        You’d be surprised to know that the language you are hearing is still English, but it is our own dialect called “Patois.” Most people call it the Jamaican language, but you shouldn’t feel dumb for not knowing. Patois is predicated on a very expressive & emotional tenor usually. Realize that this is not the same as the majority of Jamaicans who speak the Queen’s English with our very attractive accent…as some will say about a French or Spanish person speaking English with their unique accents as well. It all comes down to how our speech is patterned & shaped over many many years like an American Southerner vs. a Bostonian vs. a New Yorker etc. Hope this helps the context for you.


    4. May Pen cemetery is quite hazardous for working conditions. She deserves her pay and a bonus for dealing with duppies. I get perks when I go above and beyond the call of duty.


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