Link Up – XW Style

What did you do this weekend? I braved the heat for one, but even more important…I had one of the most anticipated reunions that I’ve been looking forward to for a while now.

Lower Manhattan

Early Dinner with Friends

After forever & a day and years of anticipation, I finally got to reunite with one of my peeps from prep school days in JA. We caught up on life and it was just a great.  I did not want the day to end.  Nothing like great atmosphere, great friends, some food & drinks to catch up after such a long time.

The center of it all - Times Square

Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Right before the rain

Eva visited all the way from China (by way of Jamdown of course) and shared all of the nuances of the great Chinese culture…good and not so good.  I even feel pressed to learn a little Chinese since we all know that China will continue to have increasing influence in the decades to come.

Lower Manhattan, NYC

To Di Werl

I have to tell you that I am especially proud of my Jamaican friends (friends & family)…We definitely know how to adapt literally anywhere and everywhere on the globe.  Everyone that I grew up with are just so fascinating, well travelled, learned, and great to be around and I look forward to the opportunity to have more link ups like this in the future.

Bless up and have a positive week.


10 thoughts on “Link Up – XW Style

  1. aww nice post and nice pics…it was HOT, but I enjoyed my week/weekend with my fam from ATL as you may already ..keep the posts coming brother


  2. awwwhhh i had a great time too LG….hope we can meet up again before i leave… suggestion: Jersey Shore 🙂

    Chinese Lesson # 2
    你是我的朋友 (ni shi wo de peng you) – You are my friend
    that wasn’t too hard was it…lol


  3. @ LL – glad that you got time to spend time with the fam. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s time to go to another level.

    @ Eva – thanks for braving the crazy subway system to meet up. It was great catching up and we def. need one more link up before China call yuh back fi finish up an ting. Lesson 2 not so hard. It’s just the symbols that kill me. I added the Mandarin keyboard on my phone, but I have no idea what to do with it. LOL ^_^
    I’m ready to learn though…so lets keep it going.


  4. We are everywhere aren’t we?! Wow. Lol. What’s your friend doing in China? Work or play? It’s on my list of places to see, especially having a great grandfather from Hong Kong.


    • She studies over there. I think it would be a lot of both; school & play. She calmed my fears a little bit about the experience over there even though there are a few things that would raise concerns: (but how different would that be for anywhere else in the world)
      I didn’t know that you had family from that part of the world; that’s cool.


    • Thanks…these were taken with that Sony Cybershot that I blogged about back in March on the old blog. I am looking forward to purchasing one sooner than later. A friend whose handle on my blog is Creme de la Creme , aka Money Mike gave me the pleasure of seeing how good it is. I couldn’t believe the quality as a point n’ shoot.


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