FIFA – Is It Time For Change?

The 2010 world cup has been very gripping which is exactly the way FIFA czar, Sepp Blatter, wants it.  Whether I was at home with my mom screaming at the television, with an entire brewery in Princeton filled with people gasping at missed penalty shots and balls hitting the post on the big flat screens, or even on twitter & facebook that was blowing up after any and every goal or major play in the tourney, it is undeniable that football/soccer is the biggest sporting event in the world with only the Olympics anywhere close to it.

With the FIFA brand bringing football to unbelievable heights that have been in effect for more than 2 generations, the issue of umpire/referee intervention has been hotly debated between purists of the football nation and the less than purist fan looking to understand why the beautiful game is worth watching.  I’ll leave the interpretation of why this sport is so amazing to you.

For the record, there have been some questionable decisions made my referees in this edition of the World Cup; this has raised quite a stir with many people.  Most notably was the goal that wasn’t that inflicted a deep wound to the British confederation on  their way out against Germany in what was dubbed WWIII.

The goal that wasn't but should've been

On ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, the American point of view is quite clear: Make football like all the American big sports and flood it with technology so that everything is as clear cut as possible.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that changing the most glorious sport overnight with all the changes – folks are screaming for – is the right decision for this sport.  There are certain times when one formula or size doesn’t fit all and this is one of those times.  However, I do agree in part that goal line technology should be implemented because I think it can be done without changing the dynamic & integrity of the game.  Football needs less blown obvious calls when it comes to goals, but I beg to differ that technology needs to be used for offside calls, etc.

Integration Is Possible

Even if it takes an extra minute to get the goal call right, I think it is still worth it because you can always add an extra minute at the end of the match to make up for something this important.


One thought on “FIFA – Is It Time For Change?

  1. I’m in total agreement. Overwhelming the beautiful game with technology is not the answer…They can call me a purist, but I don’t want to see what has happened to football now days. Every two plays there’s a booth review and it takes away from the grace and the flow of the game. Blown calls is part of every sport. GET OVER IT!


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