The Jamaican You Need To Know Is Back

Hello to my blogging community!  I’m back in the fold.  I am ready to blog once more.  It has been a journey to restart my blogging life again, but I promised myself that I would make this a part of my humble existence.  To all my friends, family, and followers alike; welcome to Experience Aurie Dot Com.  Although, I will do traditional postings from time to time…I certainly plan to depart from that formula somewhat as not to cause mental wear and tear.  I am planning to have shorter and quicker posts in an effort to have more engagement with you all.  We can always elaborate, but I think that the experience is richer when we chew on less sometimes.  I guess it’s almost like having a wonderful glass of wine instead of a whole keg of beer by yourself (some may dispute the point) but I think you get what I mean.

I have an email subscription link and other goodies on the sidebar which I encourage everyone to look into at their own leisure.

Also, a special thanks to my Jamaican Jewel for all her help and dedication with assisting me to make the switch.  She’s just the best.  We dedicated some very late hours to this effort and the pay dirt is what you see here.  It took a lot of effort with the domain issues I had.  Also, Gordon Swaby & Irie Diva had the misfortune of hearing me gripe about this on messenger as well.  I appreciate the kind digital ear from you.

Horray for great support.

Thanks everyone.


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